How to install a Mumble Server on Ubuntu

Mumble is my current favorite voice chat program. I enjoy how it resembles the dynamic of a lounge or living room. Mumble is a voice chat »

Installing an Arma III Server on Ubuntu

Notice: The Linux binaries for Arma III server are unstable and should be considered beta, at the time of writing this guide. There may be issues »

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Starbound open beta has released today! In honor of this release, here is a quick run down on how to host a Starbound server on Ubuntu »

Host your own Minecraft server for $5/month

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Transferring a Mumble-Server installation between servers

Quick and simple guide on moving your Mumble server database and configuration file. This guide is for Ubuntu 12.04 and later. cd /etc cp mumble-server »

OLD: Installing an ArmA III server on Ubuntu

Update: Bohemia Interactive has released Linux server binaries! This guide is no longer relevant. Updated guide to follow shortly. ArmA III is the most frustrating game »